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Frequently asked questions

1. How old is your baby?

6 weeks old.

2. What’s her name?

Quinn. QUINN. Q-u-i-n-n. We should have said this out loud more. People don’t understand what we are saying. Gwen? No, QUINN.

3. Does she sleep through the night?

No. She’s a newborn. I don’t think they should  go 8 hours between feedings. Most nights she eats at 11:00 p.m. and 4:15 a.m and sleeps in between. That seems lucky to me!

4. Have you lost your birth weight?

No and I really don’t care. I gained 29 pounds during pregnancy. I’m hovering right about 7 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I might lose the rest now that I can exercise (got the ok from the doctor at the 6 weeks postpartum appointment), but I probably have to stop eating cookie dough for breakfast and snacks for the exercise to do any good.

Whoever said that you have to wear maternity clothes for a while after you give birth was right. It’s too bad that I was pregnant in the summer and now it’s fall. And it’s cold. I finally caved and bought a new pair of jeans to wear that fit comfortably. I shoved into a pre-pregnancy pair of jeans for my 6 week postpartum appointment and they did NOT look or feel good.

My friend Dre is a great dresser (health coach and all around great person) and she explained to me once that when you gain weight you can’t just wear the same clothes you did before in bigger sizes. You have to dress to your body type. This seems to be true post pregnancy (and actually during pregnancy, too). My body has changed. There’s a chance I’ll never wear the same jeans I wore before and it doesn’t bother me.

5. How is it?

It’s wonderful. She’s precious. She cries when she’s hungry and that’s about it. We use the 5 S’s from “The Happiest Baby on the Block” as a preemptive strike against fussiness and sleeplessness. Either that’s working out or she’s just an easy and adorable little baby!!!


Hoot hoot!

We just got home from a Halloween party. Steve and I are lame and couldn’t come up with any last minutes ideas, but we used Quinn’s owl hat for her costume. I think it worked. At least she’s cute.


P.S. I tried to find newborn Halloween costumes and couldn’t find any. I did see lots of NB Santa suits, though.


Top Ten Cloth Diapering Essentials

Top Ten Cloth Diapering Essentials

Only the first three are essential to cloth diapering, but it’s not a top ten list with only three items.

1.    (Access to) A washing machine and dryer or clothesline/drying rack.

2.    12-24 cloth diapers (AIO’s, pockets, prefolds and covers, or combination)
When we discovered our baby was on the small side, we realized that the one-size pocket diapers would not fit her right out of the womb. We bought 24 newborn prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers and six Thirsties covers using store credit from Target and BabiesRUS. After about three and a half weeks, we started using some of the pocket and all-in-one diapers and now we use whatever is available and clean.

3.    Laundry detergent
Here is a chart comparing laundry detergents. We use All Free and Clear.

4.    Wet bag(s)
We started out with one large and one small wet bag. Last week, I bought a third medium-sized bag. I didn’t expect our wet bags to fill up before we run out of cloth diapers, but they do. Unless you pay close attention to the laundry and time it perfectly, you need two wet bags or a place to put dirty diapers when one is in the wash. The small wet bag is good to put in your diaper bag or else you’ll find yourself scrounging around for a plastic bag to hold your diaper when you’re out.

5.    CD safe butt cream
Traditional butt paste will (allegedly) build up in your diapers, which sounds gross. I did use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste with my newborn-sized prefolds (before I found CJ’s BUTTer), because they only cost $2 and I don’t plan to use them for that long.

6.    Reusable wipes
These are great to use for wiping bums, faces, hands, and mom’s shirt. If you use cloth diapers, it’s not a big deal to use cloth wipes, too. You can make your own, buy from, or baby stuff retailers. The chemicals in disposable wipes can be too harsh for newborn skin and cause diaper rash. My baby came home from the hospital with mega diaper rash and the pediatrician told us to stay away from disposable wipes.

7.    Wipe solution
You can buy a bottle (or make your own) of a wipe solution. Cloth diaper retailers will usually carry a couple of different brands. We use BabeeGreens Cleansing Greens Set or just plain tap water.

8.    Changing table/station
When you have a place to organize all of your cloth diapers, wipes, solution, wet bag, etc., it makes it easier. We have one changing station in our (small) house and it makes diaper changes simple for everyone.

9.    Changing pad (s)
You need a changing pad for your table or to thrown down on your bed (unless you want to wash your sheets every day) and something to bring with you if you ever plan to leave the house. Babies pee everywhere. I usually throw down a prefold diaper on top of the changing pad to soak up the pee. When pee hits the plastic on those portable changing pads, it goes everywhere. Then you will change clothes and diapers. On our changing station, we have a changing pad from IKEA and I use a flannel receiving blanket as a cover (and reinforce during changes with a prefold).

10.  A good attitude
It was hard to come up with ten things, but a good attitude is important. You’ll find friends and family questioning your choice to cloth diaper. Just laugh it off or use it for motivation to keep going (especially if some are betting that you will fail). Only you know what’s right for your family. If uncooperative relatives put a disposable diaper on your baby when you’re not looking, don’t freak out about it. If you must supplement with disposable diapers (e.g. on road trips), it’s not the end of the world. Cloth diapering does not have to be all or nothing. Be flexible and you’re more likely to succeed.

 * I wasn’t paid for reviews of any of the items on this list. I either bought them or our parents/friends bought them for us.


Shot caller.

6 weeks ago I would have thought anything with “Quack, Quack” written on it was a little dumb. Now, I think it’s the cutest thing ever. I can’t wait until Q learns that a duck goes “Quack, Quack!”

I call this pose the “Shot caller (I stole the idea from Lil’ Troy).”

Last week someone asked me if sometimes I think she is a little toy. Yes. Yes, I do. How can you not?


I’m always trying to make working out a competition. I just don’t have a husband who wants to compete. Yesterday (or earlier today? I can’t remember), I found It makes working out more like a video game, but I don’t have to turn on the Wii Fit and check battery levels on the remotes.

Right now it’s in its beta testing, so leave me a comment or email me if you want to join! I have 9 invites left. I’m sure I’ll get bored with it in a week or two, but for now I love trying to get enough points to get to the next level (and getting more fit in the process).